Saturday, 24 February 2018

Monday 12th February - Maria worked, I updated this blog all day ! no photos

Monday 12th February - Maria worked, I updated this blog all day ! no photos

Is that what a woman does to you ! Roll on Tuesday ..

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Sunday 11th February - Finding the Pararito

Sunday 11th February - Finding the Pararito

After the late night we get up late and wander into Seville, We walk past the church where there is a large tiled picture with a little poem underneath it. 
Something about an artist and a Pajarito ,  Maria keeps asking me where it is can I see it!  I take one look at the picture and point down to the bottom corner. There it is.. She Gasped how , how can you just do that!  

There it is in the centre of the picture .  Do you see it.
I did almost immediately I looked at the picture. 
Apparently Maria had come here several times before she saw the bird. 

We had to go into the church and I had to give some money, and now marry Maria I think.

Later on in this day Maria gets cross with me, but I think it is google translate or now who we call Juan I think translated something I said incorrectly and Maria did take offence. 
We believe Google translate is not a computer , but in my case a man called Juan and he wants me to split up with Maria. Sometimes he just does not listen to Maria, so now when it goes wrong or gives us a bad translation we shout Juan, stop it Juan.

Saturday 10th February - Flamenco and Churrios

Saturday 10th February - Flamenco and Churrios

We decided last night that we would go to the other side of the river to La Taberna a known bar that has no entry fee but people go there to sing and dance.
This was the wine I had last night with the meal apparently only 1.70 Euros . It is a natural wine no chemicals or fining in. 

Later that day I get dressed in my Christmas shirt and Tie, I am an Englishman in Seville.

I send a picture to Maria so she will recognise me! 

The Bridge over the river an accordionist plays Italian Music! 

Lovers lock a padlock onto the railings, which gets cleared off every week! 

The players were selling a CD so you had to buy it.

Inside the bar nothing was going on but the barman says there will be some guitarists and some singing but no Flamenco tonight!

Maria wanted to go but I said look its an unusual place lets just sit down and have a drink and if the singing starts and is no good we can go, it was about 9.30 p.m

We waste some time taking selfies 

Then the guitarists start to play... Apparently Maria thinks they are good so we get a tapas more wine and stay.

The Bar fills up and in between 10 minute rests, people change, this family were from Lisbon Portugal.

There was a tall man who we found out later was a local poet who kept wanting to sing. At one point in the evening he falls over, and then gets up and proceeds to sing about it. Brilliant.

I loved this bar great local atmosphere, loved the way the local ladies just chatted away as two ladies got up and dance the Flamenco with castanets as well. 

After the show finishes at about 2.30 am!  We stagger back across the bridge to eat Chocolatey Churrios 

We then get a taxi ride home which cost just over 20 Euros but it was worth it.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Friday 09th February - Fun in Santa Cruz area of Seville

Friday 09th February - Fun in Santa Cruz area of Seville

We had walked almost around this area, but not thru it, so we get lost in the small streets and alleyways of Santa Cruz. In the Summer in the morning guitarists play music in the alleyways and the music is haunting as it re-vibrates off the close walls.

We find a roof top bar and have a copa de vino tinto.

Even the statues feed the birds.

Maria cooks me tea in her apartment! 

It was great with a bottle of wine, which was very tasty.