Thursday, 8 February 2018

Friday 2nd February - Italica with my Guia Maria

Friday 2nd February -  Conjunto Arqueológico de Itálica with my Guia Maria  

I got up early and drove to La Macarena where Maria lived and the dialed in Itálica which is in a little village just north of Seville called Santiponce, a nice short drive.

The place was a huge Roman Amplitheater and they are excavating a whole town which held over 10,000 people.

We first walked around the outside in the Sun, it was a nice day.

Maria was a bit naughty and got me in for free because apparently Seville people get in free apart from weekends .

There were a maze of tunnels all around the outside of the Amplitheater , you could almost imgine the Gladiators and actors roaming them.

 Me Guia Maria 

Gladiator ready 

We managed to converse with Google Translate

 Me being a Phantome

Outside you could then walk up tree lined roads which would of had columns , then you got to imagine the size of this place on top of this hill.

On top of the columns would of been famous people like world champion peashooters. She did laugth.

We found evidence of pea shooting, look that man has four pea shooters, two in each hand! 

There were lots remains of roman floor mosaics , you could imaging a Romans house being built and the wife saying the floor must be better than the smiths next door.

Posing , Maria got an idea !  It was not me..

They were working on restoring some of the fantastic floors while we watched chipping each stone out.

Maria thinking up another pose.

I was growing to like my Guia.

I pretended I had just pushed one down and was working on this one.

We retired to a small bar over the road from the Italica, Which did have some nice tapas, this one was of peas. 

On the drive back to Seville we stopped off at a huge park where Maria and her children used to come to .

Maria used to be a good child at school.

She was teachers pet.

While I on the other hand was very naughty. Still am apparently a el hombre malo 

Well I might be a good man tomorrow. Manana manana as they say in Espania.

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