Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Tuesday 30th January - Seville by bus and walking with Maria!

Tuesday 30th January - Seville by bus and walking with Maria!

Well again not an early start but I intended to got out and stay out all day. Got a bus to the centre of Seville a no 27 from just round the corner from me 1.40 euros. The bus stop was next to a huge building which was never completed. 

The buses final stop was in Plasa del Duque de la Victoria

I  might go and see this if I can get tickets.

Tapas of the dia was Tuna Tartar, very nice 

Steak and potatoes apparently a local speciality

Walked up to La Macarena but the church with a famous statue of the virgin Mary was shut so walked around  bit of the old walled city walls.

I met Maria , a lady I had been chatting to the previous night and she agreed to meet me.

She was very pretty, and was just a bit smaller than me. I could only speak a little Spanish and Maria no English at all.

Maria was my guide for the day at least! she kept wanting to take photos of me and with google translate we managed to converse together. me outside the old bullring.

Me pretending to be a bull fighter.

See I did tip that pillar a bit.

That is in fact the real wind vane that was replaced by a new one when the top of the tower was renovated.

This is the place I wanted to get to yesterday but it was closed.

The whole of the fence was ceramic tiles.

 Maria and I with the fountain behind us. It changed colour.

The coloured pattern of the courtyard were all individual stones set on concrete

All round the curve of the building were scenes from areas of Spain. behind the small grilled areas  were coffins.

We had some tapas and Maria was concentrating hard on google translate.

We did see some flamenco in a little bar in the back streets La Carbonara.
Then we got a bus back near to Maria,s home and She put me on the Bus no 14 which stopped at the dukes Square where I could get a no 27 back to my apartment.
A fantastic day. 

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Monday 29th January - Seville by bike.

Monday 29th January - Seville by bike.

I did not get up early  got the bike ready and started to cycle to the city centre.
The cycle routes were amazing.

Stopped at a bar and had a coffee and a huge bag of olives

cycled past the Seville football stadium. 

Check online were Seville playing while I has here... No nearest home game was Wednesday next week and only 10 tickets left  £159 a seat... 

A lot of these in Seville

Orange trees every where, on a bike you can pick them off.

Meditation right on the riverside

No swimming , as if they needed a sign!

I found a little bar on the side of the river, and watched the world go by as the sun was setting.

Cycling home went thru a square where there were loads of horses and a mermaid.

Went to a supermarket just round the corner from my apartment and had a small beer on the way home in a bar. 
Chatting on internet anf forgot to get some food, ho hum never mind there is tomorrow. Plan to buss in and get a round the city tour bus to check out where to investigate next.