Friday, 5 January 2018

Tuesday 2nd January - stuck at Torrevieja with no window.

Tuesday 2nd January - stuck at Torrevieja with no window.

I finally managed to get through to the glass company here in Spain to tell them I am no longer at Cartagena but 100 Miles away. 
They asked me how long I would be there, I said as long as it took I cannot drive the car if there is rain.
So Ken and Ann took me out to forget about all the stuff that was taken. I kept rembering stuff, silly stuff like my beard trimmer, and my green Paisley tootal scarf. 

I have to think of the things they did not take, like my QualPharm cycling shoes with me a dirty pair of socks inside them. The two bottles of wine in a box from Barrahonda for Beth n Zoe. An €80 bottle of Adddlmanac. Some other presents for Zoe n Beth, an inverter that plugged into the cigarette lighter. My fly fishing rod itself. 
Ken Ann and I have a breakfast drink. 

I now find a bar that shows flamenco. 

 Ann and I wait for Ken  to sort out his cars  insurance. The waiter brings two pints instead of a pint and a half.
Does that sign say Don Bigasshole? 
Ken finds another bar. 

Ivan with his dog Bella a lovely spanial. 

Apparently I rest my eyes while Ken watches some football game. 

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