Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Tuesday 23rd January - Torrevejca to Granada via Sierra Nevada

Tuesday 23rd January - Torrevejca  to  Granada via Sierra Nevada

Well I managed to get up , this time, tried yesterday , but went back to sleep, the flu shit still got hold of me . but was determined to set off again. Cleaned Kens apartment, mopped the floor turned off the water and electricity , locked it all up and said goodbye.

Todays route... maybe a bit long...It turned out to be 315 miles

First stop was back to Cartagena to go to the Media Markt shop and buy a new sat nave as using phone all day would blow my data and might even blow the phone. 

Off towards Almera the countryside was boring... rocks n dust n dry grass

A tree with full blossom on.

Starting crossing the Sierra Nevada only saw two cars 3 motor cycles and a bus in an hours driving.

On the way up the engine water temp nearly hit the 120 deg mark and you could smell the hot engine. 

That white line is a village on the side of the valley 

As I got to the top in the shade there was snow.

The video is as I crossed over the highest part of the road 2000 meters that over 6000 feet up.

In the shade some part the snow was right up to the edge of the road. I stopped and put my new coat on, 1000 meters is normally a temperature drop of about 9 deg. 

Finally I could see the sunny other side.

As I came around a corner I kept seeing between the trees this huge Castle on the top of a hill far down into the valley .

Castle on a hill

When I got closer it was huge and all lone at the top of that hill , almost all looked man made even the hill.

The rocks when you got down into the valley were weird 

Apparently there were loads of troglodyte dwellings , even the ones which looked like new backed onto a earth mound a bit like middle earth.

The view from my Hotel car parking site as the view went left there was snow on the mountains.

My room was massive, with jacuzzy type bath. 

Had a meal in the restaurant downstairs with the Hotel family , no body else in the hotel . 
Tomorrow I am going to cycle to the Alhambra . It is a bit hilly around here, but as my bike is a fold up one, I can always get a taxi ride home if all else fails. 

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