Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Monday 29th January - Seville by bike.

Monday 29th January - Seville by bike.

I did not get up early  got the bike ready and started to cycle to the city centre.
The cycle routes were amazing.

Stopped at a bar and had a coffee and a huge bag of olives

cycled past the Seville football stadium. 

Check online were Seville playing while I has here... No nearest home game was Wednesday next week and only 10 tickets left  £159 a seat... 

A lot of these in Seville

Orange trees every where, on a bike you can pick them off.

Meditation right on the riverside

No swimming , as if they needed a sign!

I found a little bar on the side of the river, and watched the world go by as the sun was setting.

Cycling home went thru a square where there were loads of horses and a mermaid.

Went to a supermarket just round the corner from my apartment and had a small beer on the way home in a bar. 
Chatting on internet anf forgot to get some food, ho hum never mind there is tomorrow. Plan to buss in and get a round the city tour bus to check out where to investigate next.

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