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Sunday 28th January - Granada to Sevilla via A402

Sunday 28th January - Granada to Seville via A402 

It started off sunny but as I got to the coast it rained and the wind was extremely strong, I watched a plane trying to land in the wind as I drove on an open dual carriageway we both had problems keeping straight.

I was packed up and on my way sat nave said I would arrive at about 4 pm but that was without stops n traffic. I was not doing the fastest route , I was in fact going to coast then back inland to Seville.

The start of route A402 I could not help myself it did allow overtaking.

I stopped at a bar/hotel which had loads of bikers there. A lovely open fire was burning we were up high it was cold and there were remnants of snow on the ground.

As I pulled up at the coffee stop remember that truck, it leaves just before me and later I catch up with it.

Incredible views, shame it was not sunny.

The road was amazing, I started going faster and faster.

A motor cycle caught up with me , as I was stopping every now and then to take photos, So I raced him a while leaving him behind, as I slowed he caught up again, and I pulled over to let him by. As I did so I saw that truck ahead.

When I saw the road was clear ahead, I over took the truck it was a rangers truck he knew the road.

I drove a little quicker to make a gap between myself and the truck the road was awesome.

The road seemed to go on forever here are a couple of videos taken directly from the sat nav.

I love this road 1

I love this road 2

I love this road 3

I love this road 4

I love this road 5

I love this road 6

I love this road 7 , that's enough to scare anybody coming in the car with me,

Some viaduct

The sky went black and it rained almost all the way to Seville
I drove thru Ronda but it was raining so hard and the traffic was terrible I did not stop , I might drive back here from Seville on day.

Arrived late at Seville, but safe parking and I got a whole apartment for the week with washing machine and cooker , near a bus route to the centre and about 45 minute cycle ride into the centre as well all on nice green cycle paths, very flat.

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