Sunday, 21 January 2018

Sunday 14th to Sunday 21st - New Windows and the Flu

Sunday 14th to Sunday 21st - New Windows and the Flu

Well long time no type... after walking home in the rain my sore throat turned into a full blown dry cougth and Flu

My new coat coped with the rain something I have not seen for weeks. 

My car key battery ran out, luckily I have a spare with me not stolen.
Asked Zoe to but some batteries from Amazon and send to Kens place they were expected to be delivered Thursday so checked kens post box which is in a central place. 

On Saturday after checking the post box, I had a knock at the door there was the post man with a huge parcel which contained 4 x1225 batteries which could of been put into an envelope. 

Decided to make some of these Spanish decals so that when I parked up I could make my car look like it was Spanish.

Walked to a pharmacy to get more temperature reducing drugs noticed this naked lady golfer statue, yep more drugs needed.

Thursday at about 5.30pm I was eventually contacted by the Spanish window company they were on there way . I drove car to a car park so that the window fitter did not have to do it on the road. 
He had no idea ow to remove a SMART car panel, sick as I was I showed him, also how to remove the wing mirror without taking it apart as h was about to do .  After a few adjustments we eventually got it to go up n down without sticking. Its not absolutely right but it will get me home. 

So I could continue with my journey ... But I still had the back end of a flu , so decide to leave it a couple of days and tyr and get car keys sorted and a new sat nav.  I got neither done. as the shop had sold all 3 sat navs I wanted to buy and the man who said he could re-program my car key had sent the machine to the Alicanti office ! 

Topping up my Vitamin C and D

Monday I would be on my way again. 

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  1. lot of people walking around here with colds
    went to boots today to 40 pictures of Harry ,Janet then put into a album for Kevin also Cds for Michael Richard & Julie they have computers Posting your money to Beth also some for their home fund keep safe love youxx