Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Monday Tuesday Wednesday 8-10th January waiting

Monday Tuesday Wednesday 8-10th January waiting for windows. 

Well emailed and phoned the Spanish window company for some sort of time estimate when  would my plastic bag windows get turned into glass!
Apparently  early next week, they have the one window but the other one is on bag order.  Talk about Mañana mañana. 
Meanwhile I tried to open car and start removing the inner door lining and I could not.. I got 9 flashes which meant my key battery had gone flat!
Luckily I had a spare which was not on the bags that got stolen, but in my main bag. It worked phew. I had been cycling round with my passport in my pocket and all my keys and I did notice when I cycled up to my car the other night the indicators were flashing which meant I had locked it in my pocket. 
Now I must get two new batteries and when I have windows find a Smart garage which can remap the keys to the car. 
I tried to get the batteries in loads of shops near me with no luck. 
Started doing gardening for Ken as I am going to be here another week! 
I found another foot pump which can pump up both car valves and cycle. 

It was cloudy Tuesday and temperature was down a bit. 

Had a coffee and brandy down on beach, had a salad had to leave some it was so large. 

View from foot bridge over the road from Villamartin to beach. 

Wednesday cycled to San Miguel to have lunch and what'sapp video called the Lazy Riders who were in the White Horse Swavesey in the rain. 17 deg here. 

Going back home to finish filling out my claim form. Still remembering more stuff missing. My cycle chain oil, a wd silicon can and a plastic bottle with dry cycle oil. 
Watched the old men in the bar playing dominoes, they were playing a game I had not seen before. Instead of only being able to put a domino on each end of the game. You could put a piece on each side of a double. 

Also they had no money nobody had a drink in over an hour watching them. I said in England you would be all thrown out. They laughed. 
My bill for drinking and eating since 1pm to 5.30
1 mixed salad 4.2
1 brandy 1.20
3 beers 1.20 each
2 coffees 1.00
Total 11 euros... I gave the lady 2 euros tip! 

Sun was setting as I cycled home , gets cold as the sun goes down.

view as sun sets the shade rushes towards Torrevieja. 

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