Sunday, 7 January 2018

Sunday 7th January - walked to buy a beard shaver and pulled a Spanish bird

Sunday 7th January - pulled a Spanish bird.

Got up fairy early for me and walked down to the shopping centre to the media Market to buy a shaver and to see how much a new Sat Nav will cost with a 32 Gigabyte micro sd card.
 Walked along the canal
 Down to the large market in which there is a Media Mark. Saw all the RV vans thought of my mum n dad, and my friends Gill and Keith.
 Loads of colourful sweets in the entrance hall.
I found exactly the same model I had, which was good, even cheaper than when I bought it on 2016.

And the micro memory card also cheaper but then memory has come down in price. 

Did not buy them until insurance gives the OK. 

Bought my beard shaver I had a Remington multi beard shaver not quite the same as mine which did cost about £35. So again this is cheaper, but has a European plug but need it as beard is starting to itch me. 
On the way home stopped at a little cafe and pulled a Spanish bird. 

Mind you it could of been an ex-pat as it was a sparrow. 

Got back in time for a full English Roast beef lunch at the Drivers bar, three courses for €9.95. Hit the spot. 

Watched football match in Chemies bar, yes the photo was of start of F. A Cup match Nottingham Forest young boys against the great Arsenal.   Hey Forrest won 4-2 what a game the second goal by an 18 year old was absolutely marvellous. 

My mate Bruce, at home in Haddenham with the flu had gone home and used all his tissues up.. Not for sneezing. 

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