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Wednesday 24th - A visit to the Alambra in Granada

Wednesday 24th - A visit to the Alambra in Granada

Well got up just in time for breakfast at 10 am , had a coffee and some fruit. fantastic view from the breakfast balcony.

I then got cycle off the back the car , and cycled to the Alambra, A bit of a climb. The views were amazing.
Honest I kept stopping up the small hill just to take pictures honest!

Those small building were small places where people actually lived!

View across part of Granada

Looking back down the hill I part cycled and part walked up , you can see the snow on the Sierra Nevada hills.

Was it mist or a slight smog hanging over Granada

View looking towards Alambra

Alhambra just down to left, I was in fact higher than it.

Only Me and one other cycled to Alhambra, most came on coaches
I removed seat stem, and one peddle and locked everything up with my two new locks. Taking every precaution. Will it be there when I come back.

What an absolute faf trying to enter the Alhambra. 
You cannot just walk up and pay for a ticket on the day or they deliberately slow you up , I would not of liked to have been here in high season.
When you are waiting in line people come up to you and tell you which website to buy tickets from to jump the queue, there are loads of websites for tickets ranging from 20 euros to 200 with guides and transport. But in fact the single ticket for 1 person is 14 euros but online it comes to 14.85 including service and taxes.
the website is:-
You should have your passport with you and the ticket is linked to each person. I did not have my passport so I said on the website I was a Minster in the Church of FSM and it allowed it, They did query it but when I showed them my Mister of the Church of FSM credit card they allowed me in!  
When you book you must say what time you are going to go into the Nasrid Palaces and you will ONLY have that slot and you have to queue up for nearly half an hour in the sun to get that slot.
I booked the 2.30 but in hindsight it would of been better to have got the 2.00pm one as you can view the Palace of General life easily in 1.5 hours. So when you go in floow the signs to General life and go past the bridge and door to The Nasrid Palaces and it is almost 30 minutes walking from that bridge to the Nasrid Palace.

When the roses are out this place must be very colourful. 

I loved the patterns in the paths which you were all allowed to walk on.

these were all rose bushes, being well trimmed back by the gardeners .

That is water running down the edges of the pathway going up the steps.

 Water running on the top of the wall down the steps and around the circular platforms between each set of steps.

There is an abundance of under ground water thruout the whole of the Alhambra.

There was a great cafe, which nobody seemed to go to , it had a great garden and was not overly expensive.

This looked like a bull ring inside, there was a square outer building surrounding the older circular one. Lots of art galleries , but you were not allowed to photo them and there were some great artworks in there. 

Really complicated plaster tiles, with re-occurring patterns.

Not quite as good as mine , but it is coming on. Maybe a few too many balls.

Fantasic mirror image and the pool was full of small goldfish.

Water running down the middle of the paths right down to the large pond with the fantastic mirror image.

Love what looks like large door knockers all round the building.

They wanted 6500 euros for the chair !

I watched this man put in two pieces of marketry

I did ask if he had heard of a laser cutter... he smiled...

That bridge was in fact an aqua duct

Cycling back to my Hotel

A last beer in the dying sunshine at a bar on the side of the road.

The last hill from the main road up to the Hotel Cerro del Sol
I pushed it up...

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