Saturday, 27 January 2018

Saturday 27th January - Castles and Spanish Guitar.

Saturday 27th January - Castles and Spanish Guitar.

Well I was not very well last night only just got back to the Hotel before Spain left my backside, did not eat very much at dinner, just a bit of Chicken and some rice. 
So decide not to do very much as I had booked a seat to watch Juan Habichuela and friends in Granada at 9 o'clock.

Got up and had a bit of breakfast tummy was not too bad, so decided to investigate the GR3201 and try and find the troglodytes caves and the castle I pasted on the way to Granada last Tuesday.

The reservoir levels are very low. 

Yes that white stuff on the side of the road and in the trees is snow.

Look how low this reservoir is ! 

Lots of stuff for sale here ... 

Troglodyte caves in the hills here. 

A great road which then runs into just gravel

well it did not say you could not drive up to it! 

So I did .. 

That was the only door into the whole castle.

\On the door was a sign saying only open on Wednesdays. !

Leaving the castle 

Back over the top down the GR1301 road.

On the C2 Bus 

Waiting in the bar for the concert to begin.

Lots of clapping but no encore ...! 

On the way back I stopped off at a bar , and blow me the guy who was singing in the concert tonight only went and walked into the same bar.

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