Thursday, 25 January 2018

Thursday 25th January - Get my spare key re-mapped and Flamenco

Thursday 25th January - Get my spare key re-mapped and Flamenco

I found a SMART car garage in Granada to phoned them up and drove there to get my key which the battery had failed to be re-mapped to my car.

I knew it was going to be OK when I saw the mans name in the Garage. Jesus Martin!
After nearly 2 hours they finally re-mapped both keys to work again, I also changed the batteries in the spare key , I was good to go.  It only cost me 26 euros as well.

While I was there I read in a newspaper that there was going to be a Spanish guitarist playing on Saturday night near where I wanted to watch Flamenco tonight. 
So this afternoon I was going to go by bus or walk to the center and search these places out. Maybe watch the Flamenco tonight.

Got the bus into the centre of Granada 1.40 euros and walked thru centre to find the Sacramento road where there are caves that show Flamenco dancing.

As I was walking up I did not expect to see a exhibition of the Spanish Inquisition, but then nobody expects that.

So I went in.... OMG what the Christians did to the Jews during the Spanish Inquisitions.

I like the fact there is a fire hose pipe right next to the water torture block! 

What A nice way to go . Pushed inside a metal bull naked, then they light a fire under it and your screams come out of the bulls mouth like mooing.

St Peter and St Pauls church!

I saw this and phoned them up and booked a ticket for 9 pm on Saturday night.

This is the La Chumberca where the concert was going to be held on Saturday night.

Went back to a little bar to wait for the Flamenco to start, I was invited by a Frenchman to join him and his wife in this little Cave Bar, we ended up drinking what tasted like port from a bag a good job I had to go , otherwise it would of been a little messy.

Quickly left the Frenchman and his wife and got to the Flamenco cave with 5 minutes to spare got the last seat in the cave, which was great as I basically was sitting with the band.

It was pouring with rain so across the road there was a taxi rank where I got a taxi back to my Hotel for about 7.50 euros I gave him 10 .

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