Monday, 12 February 2018

Tuesday 6th February - Cordoba La Catedral

Tuesday 6th February - Cordoba  La Catedral

Up early and down to the local cafe for breakfast cafe con letche and marmalade toast, had to be in Seville. We then drove to Cordoba to see the Cathedral that used to be a Mosque.

After driving from Seville to Cordoba. 
Walking from the car park we find a little bar to have small beer in.

Walking thru the streets we find the entrance to the La Catedral

You can walk about the gardens for free.

Check out the mans watercolour painting he is doing to the same view.

We paid the 10 Euro entrance fee per person, but this was well worth it.

When you walk inside you can see the Mosque influence.

All around the walls on the sides are panels depicting paintings of the life of many saints

Scary faces

See our reflection in the glass.

Down below the vaults have roman origin.

Last one honest .

Walking round the outside not quite as impressive but very large.

It would be nice here in full summertime.

I call this one "Lunchtime"

Check out that sky.. It did not rain

It was cold so when Maria went into C&A I bought a red jerkin to wear.

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