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Sunday 11th February - Finding the Pararito

Sunday 11th February - Finding the Pararito

After the late night we get up late and wander into Seville, We walk past the church where there is a large tiled picture with a little poem underneath it. 
Something about an artist and a Pajarito ,  Maria keeps asking me where it is can I see it!  I take one look at the picture and point down to the bottom corner. There it is.. She Gasped how , how can you just do that!  

There it is in the centre of the picture .  Do you see it.
I did almost immediately I looked at the picture. 
Apparently Maria had come here several times before she saw the bird. 

We had to go into the church and I had to give some money, and now marry Maria I think.

Later on in this day Maria gets cross with me, but I think it is google translate or now who we call Juan I think translated something I said incorrectly and Maria did take offence. 
We believe Google translate is not a computer , but in my case a man called Juan and he wants me to split up with Maria. Sometimes he just does not listen to Maria, so now when it goes wrong or gives us a bad translation we shout Juan, stop it Juan.

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