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Sunday 4th February - El Rocio - Home of the Andeluthian horses

Sunday 4th February - El Rocio - Home of the Andeluthian horses

I looked like Rain in Seville so Maria and I decided to drive to El Rocio, apparently they have a very beautiful Church there, and it is an unusual town because there are no paved roads just sand.

My daughters would of loved it here. 
Look at the prices of the all leather boots.
Everything horsey for sale here. Even the Carriages they ride around in Seville can be bought here. 

People riding around the town on horses.

We decided to have a meal before going into the church. We found a little rustic restaurant.

A open fire in the corner of this restaurant room very cosy.

Maria chose a plate of Paella and I chose a local dish of venison stew. 

A sort of Spanish surf and turf.

I sneaked up to the bar to pay the bill while Maria whatsapped here daughters.

The outside of the church and most of the buildings were painted white 
The inside was incredible, Just a mass of gold leaf.

At the back of the Church was another building which looked like it was on fire.

Maria at the doorway

When we came out from the church it started to rain, just a shower so we walked over to the burning building! Thousands of candles that were put there by people thinking of loved ones.

The heat was intense, and don't lean on any of the walls or gates, they are black with soot.

That bulge in my coat is my hat in my pocket honest.

We walked back to wards the car along the only paved area alongside the lake.

It was easier walking for Maria

A Pope had been here at some point in time to bless the place.

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