Thursday, 8 February 2018

Thursday 1st February - A german - new boots -Plaza de la Encarnación

Thursday 1st February - A German - new boots - Plaza de la Encarnación

I have since found out that Maria works on Mondays and Thursday mornings, so after a breakfast coffee with added smarties, I decided to got for a bus ride but when I got to the Plaza del Duque del la Victoria it was so nice and I was a bit late I decide to go for a walk towards the river and found a lovely little square with a bar and it was sunny so... I stopped. I first shared a barrel table with a Spanish man, and then when he left a German shared it. 

La Chala bar.

My new German friend who is a photographer who came over to Portugal for 6 months and has stayed 18 years, or it might of been the other way around.

I have his details and he said if you get married he would come and do the photos! 

 A shopping Centre near the river.

Funny how things join together, I had just met a German...

I went to an Antique shop and blow me they had a lovely pair of all leather boots. 
They fitted, so they are going home with me.

A lot of people seemed to be going in there so I was nosy and went in to .

Plaza del Duque 

I stayed in Seville and waited in the Plaza del Duque and later on I met Maria again! We walked to the Plaza de la Encarnación

A massive structure looks like it is one of those fabricated wooden models.
When they were building it they uncovered a load of roman ruins.

Maria went home on here No 14 and Me on my No 27 we decide to have an early start tomorrow and go and see some old Roman ruins just outside of Seville which Maria had not been to.

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