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Friday 23rd February - Nazare Port - Por Do Sol to Estela

Friday 23rd February - Nazare Port - Por Do Sol to Estela

I woke up cold in Vina's place , but after a warm shower I warmed up and left my small cell. The car and cycle were all ok, I threw my luggage in and started north again. Where would I finish up tonight, I hope its somewhere warm. 

On the road again, blue sky but it was getting cooler.

Reminded me of the fishing boats in India that had to get thru the large waves at the beach. Same shape but different construction.

Stopped and had a coffee before driving north again.

I drove thru this village whose name was GUIA which reminded me of Maria as we had joked that she was my guide or Guia of Sevilla, made me feel sad.

I was looking for a Hotel and found a bar and the sun was setting so decided to have coffee and a ice cream while watching the sun set.

While I was there I dialled in a couple of Hotels out from the beach that looked ok.
The second one looked better so stopped and asked for a room.

Hotel Contriz, rue da Rstela 2843, 4570-209 Estela - Povoa de de Varzim, Portugal. this was a very nice HOTEL rooms were big and warm, the owner was veyr helpful and pointed me to a restaurant just down the road.

It was great and lovely and warm in the setting sun. 
It did not have a restaurant but it would do breakfast and they told me to go to this restaurant just up the road.
So at 7.00  pm I did just that as it said you should book as it was Friday night.
Restaurante O Solar de Ciaz, Rue de Sao Bento, 4740-086 Apulia, Portugal

The waiter was very good he tried to make me not have this red whine because it was local but young and a lot of people do not like the acid taste , and they do a which wine which is better.

So I ignored his comments and had it anyway , it was very light and a little fizzy and served cooler than you would serve a red , ut that suited the wine.

I had a starter of olives and a local sausage while was a very mild choritzo  sausage.

I loved the colour of this wine down the glass. Now as were were about 1/4 of a mile from the sea I was expecting to have fish, but this restaurants speciality was thinly cut steak with a sauce that you fried yourself and ate it with smashed potato and a rice that was cooked with a black pudding of the sausages.

I thought there is no way I am gong to eat all that after the starter.

A small video of me cooking my last thin slice of steak.

Woops I did eat it all , it was really good/

Cleaned my plate.

A really good wine , it went really well with the meal.

Well what a night , A great little restaurant , very well looked after  with great food and wine and staff that really looked after me.
I wished I had now taken a  photo of them . A great place to stop.
Restaurante O Solar de Ciaz, Rue de Sao Bento, 4740-086 Apulia, Portugal

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