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Monday 26th February - Gijon to Muskiz near Bilbao

Monday 26th February - Gijon to Muskiz near Bilbao

I get up early as at least a 7 hour drive today to get to Bilbao so that I can make the Ferry which was due to sail 10.30am on Tuesday morning. 
I woke early, but there was stuff in front of the sun... what is it , I have not see that sort of stuff for months.. I googled it... clouds apparently.

Car packed up, quite cold , these cloud things seem to stop temperature rising!  on road by 9.15 am! 

Very misty and cold going down into the valleys 

I like the B roads , hardly any traffic this time in the morning.

Incredible vistas 

Just look at those mountains hanging in the mist. 

Now that bird was it a hawk or a vulture, as I thought I saw a couple of horses in a field , now I know they feed vultures in France, do they do it in Spain.

Just look at that valley, That is the road down there I am going on.

Just look at that road, I am going to drive on..

This village was a bit shit! 

There were some amazing hotels down this road . 

Can you see the goats?

Hunters eyes , there were more than that black and white one.

There it is , see it black and white  in the middle.

Every bend in the road you have a different picture .

That cliff just hung over the road.. What if there was a earthquake now! 

I know , I know ,  I was taking photos while I drove, but just look at the traffic! 

Around every corner there was a different view.

The water was clear , I could see fish.. If only I had a reel with some line!

With get to home mode, I was slowly cruising down these B roads 
This was N621 what a road. 

As the road and hills got flatter the river got wider.

I was going to drive across that bridge soon.

Apparently this lady fisher woman  who posed for this statue must of done it on a day as cold as it was today.

very large dogs they walk in this area of Spain.

I loved these houses, down this valley , they all looked very new and trendy.

After almost a 8 hour drive Smarty gets me to Bilbao port, or just a stones throw away.

The view from my B&B a really nice couple, hardly any English but with good old google translate no problem.
B&B Labeondo, Giba Fregenal Kalea 18, 48550 Muskiz, Bizkaia, Spain.

I parked Smarty up against the wall out of the way.
Only a 20 minute drive to the Port.

It was Monday night so most of restaurants were shut, had a glass of wine in a bar, and they said go round the corner. It was freezing -2 . I got to a pizza restaurant and order a steak egg and chips, the steak was as chewy as an old boot. but filled me up, ready for the boat ride tomorrow.

Fingers crossed Smarty will fire up again tomorrow, Port only 20 minutes away and mostly downhill.

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