Sunday, 4 March 2018

Thursday 15th February - Check up for me and car meet Marias grandaughter

Thursday 15th February - Check up for me and car meet Maria's granddaughter

Maria had to look after her granddaughter , so I took the cycle rack off the car to check to oil levels ready for my next adventure as I had to leave Sevilla and Maria soon in order to get back to England before my travel insurance ran out. 
Oil levels checked washed and polished Smarty ready.

Planning my route home, or to a port on the north coast not sure which one yet I have not bought a ticket will sort that out as I drive there.

Walked to the Health centre and got myself tested as my blood pressure tester had been stolen. They have a great machine 50 cents and it tells you your weight and tests blood pressure and gives you a read out. 

Went back to my apartment and tried to re-create the pea tapas we had in the bar near the Roman amphitheatre. 

Got a Whatsapp call from Maria to come and be with her while looking after her grand daughter, so I drove over to her daughters house just south of Seville.

Not only did I meet Maria's granddaughter Davina but also her daughter and her husband David who could speak English very well.

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