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Wednesday 21st February - onwards north Cascais and Sintra

Wednesday 21st February - Onwards north Cascais and Sintra

I wake up in some random hotel that I manged to find that was open and had a room. Breakfast was self service , loved the d.I.Y orange juice.

Phew the car and cycle were still in one piece, the car park was secured but it was large and my car visible from the external road.

On route drove past yet another Bull ring with and unusual statue so had to stop and photo it.

Lisbon was not a very nice place to drive thru

Got to Cascais , which is where a lady I had been talking to lived but she was not in Portugal but England, and I had already told her about Maria so had no intention to meet her I was just interested about the place as I had seen many photos of it.

Managed to find a car park close to the beach area so parked up and walked back to the beach to have a coffee.

 The local women were a bit cold.

If God has a red hand I was touched by it,

The surface was flat but the stonework makes it look bumpy.

I drive onwards to Sintra, somewhere one of my old colleagues said I should go and did not want to be as late as I was last night trying to find a hotel.

I sneaked into the motor cycle park area.

It reminded me of lands end

Got to Sintra started a search for a Hotel first one a bit shit

The next one was a Bonsai Museum.

35 Euros B&B complete with a complimentary bottle of porto

Those rocks moved.

Yep the rocks were alive.

The only downside was I had to walk about 10 minutes down the road to find a restaurant.

As I walked past gates that looked like Dracula's summer residence a bloody dog ran out barking at me right up to my legs, it was a small dog , but it did make me jump.

The restaurant my friend said for me to go to was shut!

So I find another one round the corner near the railway station.

Grilled grouper mmm lovely 

love the leaning bar stools , I must have a go after I have finished

After the meal I will have to have a port as I very close to Porto

They have many

I buy the waiter a glass of a good one 

While I sit on the leaning chairs

I walk home to my Bonsai garden

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