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Saturday 17th February - I become an Andalusian Horseman

Saturday 17th February - I become an Andalusian Horseman

Well I decided that seeing that the Spanish took all my dancing shoes and clothes I would buy a new set here. I decided that if I was coming back to Seville, I was going to come back and try and learn some Flamenco, I would have to have the uniform to go with it. 
As we woke up in the Triana area of Seville we had breakfast in the corner cafe la Bar Cinta.

It was very misty this morning in Seville as we walked over the Puente de Triana

There were hardly any padlocks on the bridge compared to last time we walked over, they do clean them all off after a while.

We find a shop that sells men Spanish outfits and hats .

Jackets,  trousers, braces, shirt and Hat everything except the boots.

The hat was rocky on my head, but they said for and extra 12 Euros and a 45 minute wait they could make the hat fit perfectly . First you put this two hundred year old hat fitting machine on your head.

So while we wait for the hat we sneak off for a bite to eat, it is coppa time.

This restaurant has bulls heads on the wall.

On the back in the Plaza del Duke Maria introduces me to a sweet which is sort of fried bread covered in honey.

We collect my Hat , which came in its own hat box and fitted perfectly.

Later that night we have a meal in a restaurant complete with a motor bike hanging from the ceiling.

So I just have to get a pair of boots to have the complete Spanish Andalusian horseman uniform.
I should be able to get a pair of them from El Rocio on the way over to Portugal , it is sort of on the way.

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