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Monday 19th February - Seville and Maria to El Rocio and Sagres

Monday 19th February - Seville and Maria to El Rocio and Sagres

With sadness and expectation I start my journeys again, for the next 9 days I must live out of my Car and suitcases. First of all pack my bags and leave the apartment I have lived in for the last 22 days.

All this in the back of my smart car 

When I was loaded up I went to the coffee shop for a last coffee before I left and the lady assumed I was with Maria and bought out two cups of coffee. That did make me sad.

First stop El Rocio to see if I can get some boots.

I would of liked either of these but they did not have my size .

great place this a bit like a spaghetti western.

Yes this is the boot , I checked with Maria, I can add the nails on the soles later.

A small beer before I start the long drive from Spain to Portugal.

Well drove from Seville in Spain to Sagres in Portugal which is the southern most point of Europe.
Now to find myself a hotel, drove down to the beach and found The Mareta Beach Boutique B&B

I parked under the window and decided to leave the bike on the back overnight as I did speak to a couple of police men who were parked close by. They did tell me that I should get a .5 metre reflective striped square to put on the back of the cycle as it stuck out from the back of the car.
If an over zealous traffic cop saw it they could fine me 120 euros!
The police were in apparently the only Range rover evoke in Portugal!

walked up the road and round the corner to a restaurant Armazem had a very nice fish meal before bed.

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