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Thursday 22nd February - Sintra to Nazare Vina's Place

Thursday 22nd February - Sintra to Nazare Vina's Place

Got up car and cycle still their had a nice breakfast n cup of coffee and drove around Sintra before starting off, I managed to drive up around the Miradour Sanat Eufemia where only restricted people can go , a 19% hill on a one way narrow road, no turning back.

Down a one way street.

The waves were large and the surfers were enjoying themselves

Woops this one got it a bit wrong, look at the size of the wave

loved the colours of the houses, they matched the colour of the sky blue

Check out the rope wall behind the car.

Did you know that windmills have babies 

Stopped for a coffee , still not a cloud in the sky.

This just has to be my house. Loved the colour.

Incredible rock formations

Just the right size for a Smart car to pass thru

A huge aqua duct running across this valley.

Arrived at Nazare beach but see way up there , that's where my B&B is.

Vina's Place a B&B, it was very cold no window, but shower warm in the morning and no breakfast for 28 Euros it was fine and car and cycle in one piece in morning.

Looking back down to the beach that I just drove up from.

Some nuts and dried apricots for breakfast.

The pretty ceiling of a small shrine at the top of the cliff.

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