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Saturday 24th February - To buy Port and no hotels and no signal

Saturday 24th February - To buy Port and no hotels and no signal

After last nights fantastic meal and lovely warm Hotel with a nice breakfast I start off by going south only for a couple of miles to find a Wine shop the Hotel owner said to go to. 
I wanted to buy some port, and some olive oil to take home with me.

A Horse and cart go trotting by

The wine shop was called Garrafeira DiVino, Rue da Baldoia No140, 4570-205 Povoa de Varzim, Portugal.

I ended up buying 3 bottles of port , 1 x 20 year old bottle, 1 x 40 year old bottle adding up to my age of 60 , and another bottle for Maria.

His card machine would not work so I had to use cash, but it was OK I had a load left.

Mileage now at 155232 and still had a way to go . 

I leave Portugal and drive back into Spain. Galicia area.

I pulled off the motorway to check out this place called Combarro, it was very pretty but the only parking I could find was very expensive, so only stopped for a coffee.

I was now looking for Hotel but near the coast they all seemed to be shut or had no secure parking and the areas did not look very inviting.

That would of been a nice place to stay.

A couple of times the sat nav to me to dead ends where there would be a hotel in the summer but not now, all shut.

I do not like the look of this Hotel!

In this area of Spain I started seeing these boxes outside houses and churches they all have a cross on them, what were they, I would have to investigate tonight, they cannot be graves can they ?

I had been searching hotels from my sat nav as my phone is not seeing any signal so cannot use any apps or google maps.
the ones one the coast were either closed or with no secure parking so decide to head inland to rural hotel, it must be open and the sun was setting.

As the sun sets I finally get to this Rural Hotel and try and see if anybody is in.
Yes they are, and at short notice they will get a room ready , and they have one of these boxes in their back garden.

It was Casa Pousadoira, Aldea Pousadoira 4, 15635 Mino, La Coruna, Spain.

I forgot to ask how much the room was, but I did not care really , it was now dark and I had somewhere to sleep, a long days driving

What are those boxes for?

Inside was a lovely warm wood burner.

The owner even made me a lovely bread n cheese tea with a bottle of wine.

The food and the wine were great, the olives from the farm, the beard was made by the owner, and there was like a flat bread stuffed with fish  and meat and was very filling.
I did sleep well. 

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