Thursday, 8 March 2018

Thursday 1st March - Smarty gets fixed and a bit of snow

Thursday 1st March - Smarty gets fixed and a bit of snow

The next day I get up early and drive back up to Prestbury there is a bit of snow about. Drop my car of with Giles , from 4Smarts
If anybody will fix if Giles will. He is a great Smart Mechanic.

I love the way he keeps his 2nd hand cars parked. 

Get to work Giles.

It snows a bit over night

Breakfast and coffee In England not quite the same as in Seville, Spain

I go and collect Smarty from Giles all fixed and ready for the snow. Smarty's love the snow. the traction control is great , just floor it and it wiggles a little and just goes. 

On the way back I stop off at The Royal Union.

I love the Pump Taps. And the beer inside them.

I hear that since I have been away Robin, the landlord's dogs have been busy and are going to be mum and dad in about three weeks time. How many will be black and how many white? 
Not more Himalayan Pigeon retrievers in Cheltenham? 

Smarty Home at my dads place, resting before taking me home back to Cambridgeshire when the snows melt.

What an Adventure. 

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