Friday, 15 December 2017

Friday 15th December - Cantobre - Marseillette

Friday 15th December -  Cantobre to Marseillette

I started back to Marseillette but not the way I came, I was going to go under the Millau viaduct and then instead of going on the N75 , I was going to go across country . point the sat nav and say go most direct route, this can sometimes end up going on unpaved roads but will give them a try or turn back a bit. 

The weather was really odd today it started off raining at about 4 deg, but as I crossed some high points it had just snowed and was 1 deg, and then as I dropped down into the valley it rose up to 10 deg. 
Driving down the Dourbie Gorge

Then out of the gorge and thru Millau

Under the viaduct where diversion made me go up left hand side of valley directly under the viaduct.

Shame about the clouds

A tiny bit of sun broke thru

Was that snow I could see ahead on the hills ?

As I got nearer and if got colder and colder yes it was snow.

There was quite a bit but luckily the road was clear.

I did see sign's for snow chains, something I did not have in my car!

There were in places snow in the middle of the road but the temperature outside my car read 1deg C.

As I dropped off the high ground the temperature went up to 10 deg C .

And finally back at Adrian's and Ann-Marie's.
I had to let myself in as the whole family were rugby training and Ann-Marie had let me instructions to walk Inky and feed her, to stir the Pork in the slow cooker and to turn it down to low , and bring in the washing. They arrived home at 8.30pm and I also lit the fire so we could all watch Micheal Mcintire's show in the warm. 

I also put a couple of bottles of wine next to the fire to get to room temperature that I bought on he way in Homs.

Now early to bed as we are going to go to Narbonne tomorrow to watch both Ethan and Calum play rugby tomorrow. 

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  1. temp 4 but was -2 during night forecast sunny all day
    off to morri's for snack and shopping cheers