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Saturday 9th December 2017 - Roquefort To Marseillette.

Saturday 9th December 2017 - Roquefort To Marseillette.

Car Mileage at start – 14,1612 miles.    Running total -  from  14,0484 -  1128 miles

Started on misty morning not that early roads a bit damp  but clear. Before I left the Hotel I bought some flowers to take to Anne-Marie who lives in Marseillette with Adrian and their two boys I have never met. 

The Sat Nav said eta 2.15pm so would not make lunch in Carcassonne, so would find something on way. As I started driving I spotted a few caves selling Armagnac, mmm I remember drinking some of that with my friend Leslie, I will stop when I see one that looks like it is open. 
As I drive out of a little village there is a bungalow with a sign that says Armagnac for sale and I was going slow enough to stop right outside. So I did, opened the gate and kept knocked on the door, I could just about hear a conversation which sounded like George and Mildred from the goons, there is somebody knocking at the door. Finally a very old lady answers the door doing up a dressing gown, behind her I could see an old man in his PJ's looking round a doorway up the hall. 
I ask in my broken french, if she had any Armagnac for sale. She did not speak a word of English but she did but only 2 bottles! 
From what I could work out 1966 or 1967 which would make them 51 and 50 years old!
I was invited into the living room, which was amazing I should of taken a picture, when the lady went away to get two bottles for tasting. Yes they only had two vintages, I tasted both and liked the 1966, it was extremely smooth even at 48% proof. OK combian how much. Cent was the answer. CENT! 100 OMG. I have bought Cognac before but never Armagnac, is it better than Cognac.. 
I only had 80 euros In  my purse, so the lady seeing that took it and said that was OK. 

She wrote me out a paper receipt and I was off. Was I diddled? Googled Bas-Armagnac 1966 , I might have to drive by there on way home. 
I reached the Canal du Midi and drove along it to Marseillette , on the way saw some amazing ruined properties right next to the Canal. 

When I finally got to Ann-Maries place just had time for a cup of tea , say hello to the two boys and walk their dog inky, this was the view of the lock cottage just opposite Adrian and Ann-Marie's home.

Then it was off to Carcasonne for the torchlight parade from the old Le Citi Carcasonne to the new Carcasonne .
This was before the parade, we stood on the old Bridge looking up at Le Citi.

The parade was of lots of people in old costumes even knights in armour. 
I had a good Knight
An Ann-Marie had quite a good one too, but don't tell Adrian

We all had several cups of Vin Chaud.

End of 06 day milage 141806

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  1. I have been eating out e few times this week Starting with Janet's funeral lunch at Spencer's fish chips with Sue Cosh and her brother Kath Fry at a posh restaurant in town Cote' also at Dunelm and today back at Morrison's cheers xx