Friday, 29 December 2017

Friday 29th December - Torrevieja to Cartagena

Friday 29th December - Torrevieja to Cartagena

Well packed my car again left Kens lovely apartment, with clean clothes, into the unknown. I was not going far only about 1 hours drive to Cartagena, an old and new port. The old town complete with a bull ring and a Roman amphitheater. I drove around to get the lie of the place, parked up and went to tourist office. I found out that the Spanish were going to celebrate the new year the day before. The Saturday night, so booked almost the last room in Hotel Habaneros behind which was the Amphitheatre result. 
I booked two nights with safe parking. I would take my chance moving on to somewhere else on new-year eve. 
I took a walk down the road in front of the Hotel then up a side street and the roman amphitheater appeared. 

It was quite big

There were lots of stones just lying about. 

It looks like they are in the process of renovating it. 

 I walked right round the outside, I would investigate further tomorrow. N
 The view towards the harbour.
 As I walked down the street you could see that the whole of the building frontage was just standing there.. Reminded my of Kens shop.

I went down to the cafe and ordered my cafe Americano. As I sat there and looked around I noticed small boxes on each street corner with little figures in. 
On a wall nearby was an explanation of what they were. 
The saints of Cartagena

Which is why they are saving the building frontage.

Also came across this airplane near a universatery.

As I was driving around I came across an old bullring which was in need of repair. 

Did what the Spanish do had a bit of a lie down then started out again at 5.30. First visited a pharmacy and showed them my blood pressure pills they sold me 28 days worth for 7euros, now when I was not 60, 28 days worth of those pills cost me over 8 pounds!
Just saying. 
I could not get more than 28 days worth before my visit because I had, had 3 months worth in one go earlier in the year! 
Sounds like the NHS is either being overcharged or we are overpaying. 
Anyway wandered down town Cartagena to find the place I needed to go to tomorrow night. Took a kids train ride round which was good. 

As I walked down at 7 o'clock the places were open but empty. 

It might of said Ale but it was not! 

Not a piece of greenery about.

After my meal I moved off my table for 4 to a table for 2 and they gave me a bowel of green olives.. Suddenly I had turned into a vegetarian! 

Amazing the 3 large glasses of wine with the cheese n meat board only cost me 1 Euro each. 

The place was humming at 10.30.

 Get yourself n at
When you go to foreign clims to blend in and to get safely back.
Get yourself a local at.
Once wearing it the locals won't know what your at.
Seeing you, in you local at.
He looks like a foreigner but he's got a local at.
I am not sure how to approach him cos he might shout back.
When a local says something to you with your local at.
Just look back, tilt the at, and shake and walk on back.
They will never bother you with a local hat.

Never try this with a cat...
A poem by a world traveler Ian Ashmeade

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