Saturday, 16 December 2017

Saturday 16th December - Marseillette - Narbonne

Saturday 16th December - Marseillette - Narbonne

We all had to go to Narbonne to watch two rugby matches , the first one with Ethan playing for Narbonne under 16s against Toulon.

While we were waiting Sky their little kitten demolish the Christmas tree and gave Papa Noel a good kicking.

The games did not start very well for Narbonne the opposition scored two converted tries before Narbonne got onto the score card but the were playing into the wind for the first half and it was blowing well.  But then just before half time one of the Narbonne players made good from and intercept.

The second half was better for Narbonne they pulled back the scores to 24 -24 the kicker had a very good game as most the Narbonne scores were in the corners.

Ethan did score a nice try over on the other side of the pitch by running thru the Toulon side almost from the halfway line. 
So I settle myself down in the opposite corner for the second half waiting for Ethan to score again. He took his time but he did score twice right in front of me, but the other team Callums team warming up for the next game got in the way. Otherwise I would of recorded the Toulon player treading on Ethans Shin, causing Ethan to be carried off the field. 
Their goal kicker was good under pressure to kick the final points so that the game was drawn 31-31.

I have got no photos from Calums game, the team against them (Adge)  turned up with 12 players started the match, Narbonne ran a try into the corner and two of the Adge team stayed down injured! then proceeded to walk off! which meant they were down to 10 players. So before the try could be converted the Referee blew the final whistle the game was stopped!  I have never seen that happen before, but it was rehearsed! 
why would a team do that !

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