Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Tuesday 19th December - - Sitges - Yecla

Tuesday 19th December - - Sitges - Yecla

Well what a difference a few miles south means, I woke to blue sky's  and breakfast with a bike... a motor bike.

The soft top was down all the way.

It got a bit hilly'er.

As you can see by my the Sat nav I was keeping to the Speed limits. 
Smarty was ticking along at that speed even with the cycle on the back.

It was that sunny it even turned my glasses black, might have to think about sun cream!

The sea was rough but look at the colour of the sky

The sea was very rough there was a bit of a wind on the coast.

Palm trees

The grape vines and olives turned too orange trees.

Arriving at Yecla , a lot of new roads here.

My Hotel for 2 nights , tomorrow will see if I can get a reservation in Barahonda restaurant.

I walked around the town before I settled in for the night.

 Now is this a Mosque or a Basilica?  

A Basilica as there was a Nativity scene inside it. 

Amazing ceiling.

So back to the Hotel and I had several glasses of different Yecla wine and a Tuna steak sat at the bar. 

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  1. who do you know In Yecia ? Where will you be om Xmas day
    enjoy your trip