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Wednesday 20th December - Yecla -Barrahonda

Wednesday 20th December - Yecla - Barahonda

I got up early had coffee and tomato bread and dorve to Barahonda.

Drove up to the vineyard and restaurant and booked my table for lunch , now I had to drive back to hotel get bike off the back and cycle for lunch time.
Back in England the Lazyriders where going to have their Christmas dinner.

Cycling back it was quite warm 16 deg 

Odd field of stuff on the way .

The Barahonda wineyard and restaurant on the second floor.

The grape vines in the foreground are the Monastral vines they grow up like a wine glass shape and all have to be hand picked.

Me arriving just in time for lunch 1.25pm

I decide to have the 70 Euro , 20 course tasting menu with and additional 42 Euro wine with each course extra! 

The view from the restaurant

My sommelier and all my glasses! 

1. Cheese Cake ,  Fois gras and beetroot with Cider.. 
loved the fois gras, very sweet cider.

2. Mushroom and truffle risotto. With tapioca. 
Loved the risotto never had it with tapioca before. 
Reisling.  Not quite as sweet.

3. Crunchy corn with lime and corrianda
Dam with same wine!

4. Beetroot with vinegar and cheese
Same Reisling!

5. Beans ham and chilli
With exceptional harvest. 
Absolute great wine Oaked white wine. Smooth n smokey.

 6. Artichoke and black quinoa. 
With another glass of exceptional harvest.

 7. Pannal cotta cauliflower and caviar
Boring champagne with this. Dry n bubbly
Too cheesy overpowered the caviar.

Too cheesy overpowered the caviar.

8. Eel, served up in an eel. 
Lost the wine waiter so not sure what to drink... Water.... Oh apparently champagne again. 
I was expecting wines from Barahonda. Not had one yet!

It took me a while to realise there was food inside the eel!

9. Crystal of Gherkin and sardines
And a wine taste like Pastis or liquirish 
The wine waiter asked me to guess. 
Well I never watered down Sake!

10. Black rice and prawn. 
With hurrrra the first Barahonda wine.

11. Squid with smoked garlic. 
And same  Barahonda wine. 
Was expecting dirty wine.. Only had that in minorca in a fantastic local bar.

12. Cod stew.. Sounded better I  Spanish. With 
Barahonda organic 2016 
Nice e nose fruity tannins  but wine quite dry. 
Food was to die for. That was lovely.. Creamy fishy and the dryness of the wine very good.

13. Steak tartar and something. Got emotional so forgot what other stuff was.

Wine was great Barahonda organic barrica monestrel n syrah. 
Loads of tannins then vanilla. 
As for tartar... Bland. 
As for The fluffy  stuff fluffy...

14. Oh wow so. E digestive must work out what it was but was great.

15. Brain   it sounds like shit is was... Thinks....

This was a old wine 2002 , but I think it was a it over.. or I was gets a bit messy now.

16. Oh steak with pistachio.. Great with the wine. 

17. Cheese and the sweetest cider I have ever had.

Getting a bit dark now .

Last man standing the ladies were ironing the table cloths in place

The Bill in a box.

The cycle home.

I actually took pictures.
The last one taken at 10 past 6, and the meal started at 1.30
What an afternoon of eating and drinking.

I got back to the Hotel!  
I even disassembled my bike and attached it to the car cycle rack but cannot remember doing it. 
What a meal ! 

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