Monday, 11 December 2017

Sunday 10th December 2017 - Marseillette to Marseillette

Sunday 10th December 2017 - Marseillette to Marseillette

Well we all had a lie in. It was Sunday after all. I got up about 12 o'clock it was raining outside so we all stayed in. 

Adrian  put a Leg of Lamb in the oven with loads of roast potatoes, Ann-Marie made two crumbles and even one of the boys Callum laid the table. 
Meanwhile I worked out why I could not see the Gite business on Google maps and when I tried to create the item , I found there was already one but with 4 year out of date data in it and with the tag  closed permanently. 
I updated the tag amended the data I could and got google to send a postcard to the address with the password which would mean Ann-Marie can take full control of the business on Google Maps.
I also added a review , slightly biased and a few photos.

Check it out on google maps. 

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