Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Wednesday 27th December Villa Martin to Torrevieja.

Wednesday 27th December Villa Martin to Torrevieja.

Well did not get up that early again somehow switched the alarm off. It was very windy but wind blowing northwards which was lucky as that was the way I was going. I was going to go straight to coast then cycle up to Torrevieja. 
Cycling over the bridge was very blowy, 25 mph with 40mph gusts! 

My route followed the coast as much as I could 

 I stopped at this coffee shop just before the beach for a shot of coffee n sugar.

Hit the coast and started cycling as close as I could get. 
Turned a corner and this little fellow was in the center of the path. 

As I bent down to take a photo he trotted towards me. Do hedgehogs hybernate in Spain. 

I was glad I had my off road tyres on as the smooth paths turned a bit rough. 

 Between some of the Hotels there was a natural green area, no paths just rocks n sand.

Not quite sure what this was some sort of military place, was not going down to find out. 

 Still building more places for tourists.

 Path was a bit sandy and hard to cycle along.

Loved the graffiti. 

No paths next to coast so had to cycle along the beach. 

Had to cycle along the beach as no path.

The band played as I entered Torrivieja. 
They were brassed off.

A Spanish Submarine! 

Why were some parts of this brass statue more polished than others? 

Right at the south end or Torrevieja I was about to turn around and I saw a sign craft beer.. I only found a brewery! 
Amber Brewery. 

So stopped and had a late lunch. 

The sweet course was another beer. 

My route home , had to go back a bit in order to cross main road .

I cut back from the coast as it was getting dark.
Sunset from the cycle bridge on way back home.

A great afternoon, did not cycle far as kept stopping for photos and tracks were sandy and bumpy so could not cycle fast , and then who wants to.

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