Friday, 8 December 2017

Friday 8th December 2017 - Soulac-Sur-Mer to Roquefort

Friday 8th December 2017 - Soulac-Sur-Mer to Roquefort
Start mileage 141471  Running total -  from  14,0484 -  987 miles

Got up fairly early discovered my room had a balcony which must be very nice in the summer.
At least it was not raining. Nally the owner said she was off to Paris last night so she told me to go around the corner for breakfast in the local bakery. 
I showered packed up my stuff took every thing out of the room , left the room key in the door as requested and put all my stuff back into my car. The bike and car was ok and started ok. So went off and had a croissant and a pan du chocolate with a cup or tea, they had run out of coffee... In France really..
I dialled in a couple of places I would like to see into the Sat Nav and hang on for the ride. 
There are some amazing Chateaux's here and when you think that usually underneath them there are huge avenues of caves carved out underground as well it is amazing. 
Did think about doing a dougnut of the lawn. 

Normally in the well known caves you have to request a visit 2 or 1 weeks ahead or even 24 hours to be able to be shown around them. But it is well worth it just to see the scale of the stuff they are storing. 
I bought a bottle of Margaux from the first Chateaux in Margaux last year with my dad , but was determined to search out the Chateaux Margaux. Well I found it. Not the most impressive Chateaux's but what was underground was very new and very impressive.
The entrance to the drive of Chateax Margaux

I tried to buy a bottle of Margaux, du Chateaux Margaux , ha ha , you cannot they are only sold to Restaurants but there was one in Pouliac, but that had a longer waiting list than a wine tasting in the Chateaux.

Chateaux Margaux thru the gates

My idea of coming to Bordeaux and tasting all 90 wines from the 1855 list of Chateaux's is on hold .
So I finally stopped looking and tasting stuff I cannot have and continued on my way. I was going to try and stop in a town named Sore, only because of the name and there was a AirBnB there free for just the Friday night .
I get to the village and pull in at the first restaurant fairly late 2.15 ish and asked for a cafe, the lady was doing washing up there were two people still finishing up eating on one table .
She said I could have  cafe, but I had to stand at the bar and drink it not sit down at a table. I asked if they had wifi as I need this to book into the airbnb place etc.. Non was the answer even when I saw there was a hotspot with what looked like the restaurants name on it. Ok thanks I said and started to try and see if I could bring up the app on mobile data... No  so I thanked the lady as asked how much the coffee was 1.75 Euros so I hit the grumpy lady with a 20 Euro note even when I had a pocket full of change. God she was grumpy she eventually gave me loads of coins for the change from 20 , I let here have the .25 Euros as a tip. 
Got in my car and dialled up Carcassonne. Fuck I would not stay in that grumpy woman's village even if I had change..
I drove on to come across a place named Roquefort , but not the Cheesy producing one. As I turned the corner and started the AirBnb app up I saw a Hotel on the top of the horison across a bridge .

I will try there first and if too expensive try airbnb. The owner was a right smiley  person which showed me the room gave me the key and said 41 Euros.  Brilliant cheaper than last night and it had a restaurant as well and when I read the blurb even a pool ! 

 I walked around the town to get my feel of the place and when it started raining dived into the Bar around the corner and had a couple Grimbergen Noels at 6.5% proof.

Went back to the Hotel room which was nice and warm unloaded my luggage a proceeded to type this stuff up and try and start a blog. 
Meanwhile I have been emailing my mate I helped with the cycle ride earlier this year and he has an amazing place near Carcassonne and as luck would have it there was a torch let parade in Carcassone tomorrow evening, so all I have to do is get there..

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