Sunday, 31 December 2017

Sunday 31st December Cartagena and a fun run!

Sunday 31st December Cartagena and a fun run!

Well today started slowly I had to get out of my Hotel because I had only booked 2 nights and because the place was so good wanted to stay 2 more days but hotel was full. So got an airbnb round the corner, but tried to book in at 12, the 2 and did eventually get it. It was ok, big apartment on first floor but had to park 1/4 of a mile away. But hey sorted.
Went back to get bike off car as I can put that in apartment and met a load of boys about to do a fun run. I just happened to get mixed up in it trying to find somewhere to eat today.
The day started off misty. 
My I parked next to you fun run buddies. 

 I met them at the start!
Saw them run off. 

 Cycled round the harbour as the sun was setting.

I could be a whale or a huge mustache in the harbour. 

This unmarked boat was interesting it looked like a sail boat, but was huge. It was also in a military boatyard. 

 There they go again...
Now after every thing today

Stopped off at my old hotel bar cos it was on way and open... 

Feliz año nuevo

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