Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Wednesday 13th December - Cantobre to Cantobre

Wednesday 13th December - Cantobre to Cantobre

The morning walk from Cantobre to Cantobre out the front and back up the back.

Got up nice and late , had a cup of Chai with a spoonful the honey I bought yesterday had some coissants and then Lionel Peggy , Midge and I walked down the path in front of Cantobre, down to the river then along to the Electric power station, and then back around and up the back of Cantobre past the new sewerage system and reed beds. 
Apparently they have a hill run which follows most of this track. 
The view from the front door .
 looking down across the village.
 I was a bit sheepish this morning.
 View from the window of the Lounge in Cantobre.

Looking back up towards the village as we walked down the path to the river.
The voted in for the day Mayor of Cantobre (Peggy) and her husband on the Bridge she opened in front of the Mayor of Nant.
Apparently during the speech Peggy said the she was sad as she used to like watching the mountain climbers strip down to ford the river.

The ford bereft of stripped down mountain climbers.

The mountain climb

Gin makers, loads of Juniper berries around here.

Peggy enters the bat cave.   Lionel has 1 bat

The Chickens are on the internet .

And back into the lounge for tea and a sandwich, love the robot paintings.

The afternoon walk with Lionel and Midge to Les Plos via the road and back by the old track.

coming out of the lower back door from Lionels
 the view from the lower road in Cantobre

 Lionel and Midge walk along the road , Lionel in his don't shoot me coloured jacket on.

 Looking back to Cantobre, we listen to the Foreign Legion play soldiers in the valley loads of shots and some huge cannon fire.

At  Les Plos we turn back on what was possibly the old mining road .
 The trees are covered with litchen

Lionel looses Midge but only for a few seconds.

An amazing coloured fungus near where Lionel once took a picture of a Salamander

Along the old track a natural spring is visible along with a Stone with what looked like the date 1861 on it with a Iron Cross .

We are getting close to the road now so Midge has to go back on the lead, to stop Lionel running into the road and chasing cars. 

As we round the corner Cantobre comes back into view. 

Nearly home.

After the meal of steak peas and chips with roquefort sauce.  
I open the Armagnac and Lionel and I have a glass of it very smooth considering it is 49% proof.
then to bed.

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