Sunday, 24 December 2017

Sunday 24th December - Torrivieja - San Miguel

Sunday 24th December - Torrivieja - San Miguel

Went to my favourite bar to update my blog this time saw somebody eating octopus so ordered some.

While I was in cafe a load of bikes with Santas on came blasting around.

I have decide to move to Cartagena after Christmas I have found a good AirBnB for 20 euros a night .
Drove down to the beach to have a look it was quite warm.

A clear sky tonight as soon as that sun sets it gets very cold.

I found the Winchester club but did not stay there until it all blew over.

It was very quite in villa Martin square for Christmas eve.

I found a lively bar and chatted to Ian Steel until Christmas day started then walked home. 

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