Thursday, 28 December 2017

Thursday 28th - Around the sea salt lake.

Thursday 28th - Around the sea salt lake.

While the Jolly boys in England attempted to do the Christmas cycle ride, I would be with them, but cycling in Spain instead of cold icy England. 
That was the plan.. 
The early bird. 
As I left villa Martin I could see San Miguel and the salt lake down on the left. 

Loved this artwork might put that on a tee shirt when I get home. Simple but cool.
I stopped for sugar at San Miguel and to get WiFi to find out how the Jolly boys were doing. 

Apparently due to the ice they had already had 3 crashes and decided to call it a day. 
What a bunch of lemons. 

Some old building 

The track to the salt lake seemed to be a hiking trail and was very sandy. 

I had to walk parts even with my off road tyres on. 

Some amazing old disused buildings along the way.

The whiteness is not snow but salt. 

The path was narrow in parts and saw signs for private shooting. 

The view from the tower

Some random tower signage had been ripped off and some stairs had been broken and burnt.
This is the salt marshes.
The short cut across the lake was prohibited so I had to carry on all way round lake. 
The track this side was a bit better to cycle on. 

Some English n Germans playing pitang.

Now that is a pile of sea salt! 
On the left, that is a huge caterpillar digger half way up the pile. 

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