Monday, 11 December 2017

Monday 11th December - Marseillette to Marseillette

Monday 11th December - Marseillette to Marseillette

I tried to get up a bit earlier, I took the bike and bike rack off the back of the car so I could check the oil level of the engine, as it does use a bit. It was all ok, so cleaned up the back of the car a bit and assembled my bike and got my bike riding gear out. 
I was going to cycle to the village where the vineyard was that produced the bottle of wine that we drank last night. I was a bit worried about my air bag light on the dash being on and not turning off.

While Adrian and Ann-Marie went off for pilates , I started my cycle ride. I was going direct accros country as I did have my off road knobbly wheels and tyres on. I put a pannier on carrying my wet weather gear as it did look like rain later.
The road starts of ok.
But soon becomes unpaved 
And then gets a bit hilly. And very rainy

I find the village and have a look around but have to find somewhere to dry off and have something to eat.

 I find the vineyard but all the doors are shut, and when I ring the number it just goes to voicemail.
so I plot my way home, not the way I came but straight down across the valley and up to the Canal du Midi. As I cycle down one gravel road past a Chateaux a huge dog runs out towards me barking It was downhill so I speed up to put a distance between us, but as the dog stops near the entrance the bumpy road bounces my panniers off. So I have too stop and walk back towards the dog to pick up my panniers. the dog stays where he is , I put the panniers back on on carry on.

the route was not for skinny wheels
eventually found my way back to the Canal du Midi. sections of it are drained to fix banks and repair lock gates.
it actually stopped raining
At one lock there were some amusing wooden sculptures.

At points the canal is very high above the surrounding valley.
That white Chateaux  down to the right apparently grows rice .
the track alongside the canal is no good for skinny wheels and is at least not muddy here. when muddy is heavy clay and sticks to the wheels.
Nearly back home , one last bensd to go, getting a bit dark now.
Hurray home tonight is the building on the left of the lock.
It was getting cold and dark, and I have to fold my bike up and re-attach it to the bike rack.

That night I drive to Carcasonne for an evening meal, but as I drive I notice that my rear right brake light is not working as well as the airbag light on the dash is on all the time.
I pull over in a village called Trebes where is some light and change the rear bulb. That fixes the one of the two rear light problems, but the break light is still not working on the right, but the top light and left one are. I consult my manual in the dark to work out which fuse might have blown.
I can only see fuse 26 for rear light. would there be separate fuses for left and right rear brake lights, but the one part of the bulb was working. Maybe it was just connections as it has been very wet. I will have to see in the morning. I txted my mate back in England who maintains my SMARTy about the problems. I am not to worry about the airbag light it means I disturbed a connection under one of the seats a common problem. Also to check fuses 6 and 7 foe blowing. Must also put some tape on my head lights as was blinding a few people. 

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