Friday, 8 December 2017

Tuesday 28th November 2017 – Haddenham to Cheltenham

Tuesday 28th November 2017 – Haddenham to Cheltenham

Car Mileage at start – 14,0484 miles.

Ok so its not much south more west , but at least I packed up the car and started.
The trouble is with being retired is that you can get caught up with local stuff and family and loacl clubs etc. I am turning down at least 4 Christmas lunches... But lets get going. 

Finally packed up my car but my bike on the bike rack and drove from Haddenham, Cambridgeshire to Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. 

I left without my blood pressure drugs and a credit card that was in the post and a spare inner tube
Which all should of arrived Tuesday but they did not.
So decide to go anyway, as my daughter could bundle them all up and post to me at my dad’s place in Cheltenham, I could still be on the ferry to France by the weekend… I thought.

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