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Sunday 17th December - Marseillette - Badens - Marseillette

Sunday 17th December - Marseillette - Badens - Marseillette

I got up nice and late as Adrian said we were not going to the Wine tasting until 11.30 but we had run out of milk so we had to go to the supermarket in Trebes and then to the wines tasting in Baden the next village from Marseillette. We were going to Pierre Cros vineyard his grapes are all hand picked which does increase the price. He used to be a Rugby Player and inside his vineyard are a whole series of shirts , some are his and some are signed French shirts from long ago. 
My first photo was of a partial rainbow as seen from my bedroom window. 

In the fantastic barn was a working Frigidare.

These are all the wines we have to taste starting on the white and then onto the Rose and Red.

Or did I got straight to the red? I cannot remember.

Check out the ceiling and huge fireplace.

I had to take my coat off after that glass of wine.

One of the bottle of red was "Between the Vine and the Sea" and the label was the lyrics written by a cousin of a local Marseillette girl who won a TV singing  show like X factor. The Video is of boys and girls from Marseillette and Baden and is filmed locally to. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwEXuWGgpAo  Is the video and song of the wine.

"Between the Vine and the Sea"

A great atmosphere shame it only happens twice a year ! 

Is it just Onion Soup in France!  It was fantastic and quite a lot of it.

Check out all the framed rugby shirts in the wine distribution area.

Vintage Wines under lock and key.

love the Cartoon of Pierre Cros with a rugby ball under one arm and drinking a bottle of wine.

A  caricature above the fireplace.

 I bought 3 bottles and Adrian bought over 30, for his Gits and for home consumption.
Then it was back to Marseillette for Christmas Dinner! 
The table was laid with the help of the children.

The boys taught me a new party trick with two corks.

 Cheers Ann-Marie

Christmas Pud set alight by Ethan

Afterwards we all sat in front of the fire, and I started snoring!
They had to wake me up to listen to Micheal McIntyre.

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