Friday, 22 December 2017

Friday 22nd December - Torrivieja - San Miguel

Friday 22nd December -  Torrivieja - San Miguel

I woke up to my drying washing , I am glad I did that yesterday as there was no water in the appartments. I checked my oil in the car as I have now done over 2,500 miles. topped up the oil. only needed a bit. 

Turned right as I cycled from Villa Martin

Cycled alongside a canal, I do this because I have never ridden alongside a canal with a hill.

Wow trees full of lemons

Now if I remember somewhere inland was a little village called San Miguel.

There is  no signage on cycle paths in Spain that I have seen.

I saw a hill coming so had to leave the Canal before it went into a tunnel.
Cycled up the small hill to San Miguel.

Cycled down the one way street as I could see at the bottom of it the little bar which years ago the Haddenham Elders had coffee and brandy as were all the locals.

This bar had amazing internet so stopped here to update my blog and have something to eat.

Cycled back after paying the bill 10 Euros including a tip! 
It was warm 19 deg and the wind had dropped.

Mmmm loads of Lemons on the trees

Got back to apartment hurray water was on, so went in car to supermarket bought essentials like toilet paper bottled water and chocolate, on way back booked my Christmas dinner in Drivers Bar.
Christmas sorted. got back had a great shower and walked back to the same bar for a couple of drinks before bed.

Dam opened the bag and sat in front of TV and ate them all and drank a small bottle of rose wine.


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