Saturday, 23 December 2017

Saturday 23rd December - Torrivieja - San Miguel

Saturday 23rd December - Torrivieja - San Miguel 

 I woke up late because did not have alarm on weekends! got up to find I had a puncture in my rear wheel of my bike. 
I fixed that and washed my car. 
A bulb had blown in lounge of apartment so went and got a new one. I also watched the end of the laliga football match Real Madrid v Barcelona which was a tense match because of the Catalan vote. Barcelona won easily 3 - 0 . which Messe scoring a penalty . 

Went to a garden centre to get a nice flower for Anne when she and Ken arrive just before new year . I expect to be moving on after boxing day to Granada or Seville depending on where I can get a hotel for at least a week. I want to do a bit of cycle investigation. 
Will see if I can get a spare tube. 

When I was in the Garden centre I saw a poster up on the back of a shed I asked the owner if he would sell it . He looked at me as if I was mad, he said it had been there years it was out of date. 
I offered him 5 Euros he said ok , you will have to take it down.
I did.  I just liked the colour. 

Drove to Torrivieja again bought some presents

Went to a huge shopping area... got lost

The kids were driving these electric bikes about the place.  

They even had a cabaret in the shopping area but the ladies mic was not working.

Went home early and watched TV some film about Shakespere.

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