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Tuesday 12th December - Marseillette to Cantobre

Tuesday 12th December - Marseillette to Cantobre

I know its a bit back towards the North but is has to be done to go and visit Lionel and Peggy.

But before I could start I had to fix my rear right brake light, I checked all the fuses and all was ok , so it had to be a connection, the fact that the one side of the bulb was working ok it must be the connection in the light fitting, so took the rear light assembly apart and could see a lump of corrosion which was probably causing the light to short out. Got a piece of sand paper out from my puncture repair kit for my bike and rubbed that around the connections until they were shiny. I replaced the bulb and with the ignition on tried the brakes, hurraa I now have two brake lights again.

I also had to be on the phone for nearly an hour to sort out logging into Barclays sharedealing account but that's another story.
So I got all my stuff together and said my goodbyes to Adrian and Ann-Marie and set off to Cantobre maybe stopping at Homps for a wine tasting , and to get a couple of bottles to take to Lionel.
The wine shop also had local Honey for sale of different colours .  The dark one the bees were on chestnuts and the yellow one on sunflowers.
I managed to but a few bottles.
I love the plain trees that line the roads.
Those hills ahead is where I am going.
As you drive up from the valley thru a series of tunnels the temperature dropped from 10 deg to 3 deg. The landscape looked like it was on the moon.
Nearly at Cantobre, I stopped at Nant to have a walk around it was here that I bought my flat cap from last year. I found yet another Knight just before Knight fall. 
Check out the sunset on the rocks  over looking Nant.
I bought a box of chocolates from a Chocolaterie in the village for Peggy.

In Nant around the back of a building under which a stream runs is a huge natural growth of  lime. 

Here is the French note describing it , but not sure how it got there .

My first sight of Cantobre, it looks like it is stuck on the side of the mountain.
It does look spooky as you drive up to it in the evening

The big house in the centre is Lionel and Peggys place where they have two Gites for rental.

 one of the last bends going over the bridge over the river La Dourbe.
Walking up to Lionel's place 

The view from Lionel's front door back down to the river.
While Peggy gets tea ready Midge their lovely dog comes to play.

Apparently he likes his tummy tickled.

We have a great apparently the most googled recipe in France a Tartiflette, which is like a potato  casserole covered with a cheese similar to a Brie a Reblochon cheese.
It was very nice, washed down with several bottles of wine. 

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