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Thursday 07th December 2017 – St-Malo to Soulac-Sur-Mer

Thursday 07th December 2017 – St-Malo to Soulac-Sur-Mer

Start mileage 141181   Running total -  from  14,0484 -  697 miles

Woke up at 6.00 had a shower packed my bags and went for Breakfast, ate a large one listening to a couple who could hardly touch their tea, they were still feeling the affects of the crossing.
I Left St-Malo and the ferry about 8.30am French time and it was  raining. 
Stopped to fill up, then carried on as was now torrential rain. 

Planned to stop many places but gave them all a miss. Eventually stopped at the Jolly Boys French cycle rides 4th day hotel, but found it being renovated.

So stopped next door for a coffee and with their WiFi used it to check on sailing times of Royan ferry. I had missed the 2.15p.m one and the next one was at 4.00 pm. Also checked and booked airbnb room at the town on other side. 

Now sat nav said I would reach Royan ferry at 3.59. It was now 2.50, Could I push it and save a few minutes and get there... Did not matter too much as there was another sailing at 5.30 but it would just be a lot darker. With the rain and the traffic  I manage to save 2 minutes over a 1 hour drive and literally drive up to get a ticket and drive onto the ferry as they close the door up behind me. I was sent to the left hand side of the ferry and when I take a photo it looks like I am on the ferry all by myself, but the middle was full of lorrys and the other side of cars.

By the time I get my coat on and climb up the three stairways to above deck we are 200 yards off land.
Arrive and the sat nav sends be down a cycle path alongside a rain way track, but smarty small enough to get thru bollards so instead of turning round carried on, nobody about. 

When I get to next train station I find the road again and carry onto my destination. 
Soulac-Sur-Mer OMG in the rain it looks like the Americans have just invaded again.There is a  huge hotel in ruins on the seafront. Everything visible is shut and boarded up
Apart from a Casino! I wait in my warm car and read emails etc.

I eventually get sent the actual address of the Airbnb room and dial it into the sat nav. By now it is dark still raining and I am driving down little dark one way streets to find the b&b. Because of out season I could park right outside. It was pissing down so left bike locked to rack. Will I regret that!

Nally the owner drove straight from work and cleaned the room, and let me in explaining she works 14 hours on a wine yard, and was going to Paris tonight, but told me to go to the Cave of Mes Amis, and gave me directions. I headed that way as had only eaten breakfast on the boat. 

Sampled as many of the reds they had in the bar and had a great cheese and meats board with a bowl of soup. 

Staggered back to bnb full and happy, the car rack and luggage was still there a good sign, unlocked hotel and made my way to bed leaving the bike bolted and locked to the rack. I Slept well in my first airbnb.

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