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Thursday 21st December - Yecla - Torrivieja

Thursday 21st December - Yecla - Torrivieja

Woke up a bit late as did have a bit to eat yesterday ... oh and drink.
settled up my bill for two days 98 Euros which included several glasses of wine and four cups of coffee and two tomato bread breakfasts.

Saw this sign in the lobby of the Hotel Avenida in Yecla I have no idea what it means? does anybody else? 

When I got to my car I found I have managed to put my bike on the rack the wrong way round, but it was all locked up ok. Not bad for automatic control.

Start milage, not going far today only a couple of hours driving.

I left Yecla , but went back to Barahonda to buy a couple of bottles of wine 1 for each daughter just because it had a bee on the label.

Loads of brand new roads around this area. 

Not many cars on them either.

It was warm and sunny and drove all the time with the soft top down.

Got to Torrivieja and drove to nearest bar for a coffee.

Went to the local supermarket and stocked up on some essentials as was going to be here for Christmas in Kens lovely apartment.

Afterwards drove down to Torrivieja Harbour parked up and watched the fishermen feed the fish. Nobody caught anything. 

Walked around to the sea front where a man feeds loads of stray cats.

Went to probably the oldest building in Torriviecja , which is still a gentleman's club. It has a great tappa's bar in the back rooms , amazing ceiling.

Drove back to an early night and hung my washing out to dry that I put on before I left.
I had an early night. 

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